2nd batch of C4C


Syana varma Dhoorundhur

from Mauritius

As am a student of Management and Human Resources Management and very concern with people and their right adding to it, with the disabled people too.  As challenges foundation is an organization that caters for the need of these people I’ve thought this will be a good platform for me to provide my help and to take back the experience gain.

Lesson learned was that however a children or anyone is they have their own problems and difficulties, but for all those disabled children no one will understand their actual pain unless we put ourselves in their shoes and experience that. Even not being like others these children deserve to be treated like everyone and have all the facilities.  In this journey I was able to make new friends and have new and beautiful memories that I would never forget. 


Kurnia Tri Ardilla

from Indonesia

I’m here because I want to increase my knowledge, add experience and help others. I also want to learn how to teach children with special needs.

Concerning my experience, I’ve got many valuable lessons here, new experiences, new friends and others. I learned that life must always be grateful.


Sharfina Nur Azizah

from Indonesia

I want to be involved in Global Volunteer because i need to open my mind more widely, to make some relations with other people outside my country, and to be more helpful for people who need help.

I’ve gained the experience from teaching the special needs children, and how to interact with people in disability Centre. I got new learnings on how to solve the problems and work hard to achieve our goals. I ate some local foods in here and it was pretty good. There were a lot of nice place to go for sightseeing to complete my journey in here!


Ng Chong Jin

from Malaysia

It was after SPM exam, I am waiting for results and got nothing to do at home. So, my mom introduced me to this job (volunteer to help others). As a volunteer, my thought was simple —- helping disabled people to help themselves. I never thought I would be able to learn any new things and experience there. I learnt how to involve myself into task, I learnt how to teach and lead others, I learnt how to start a project and manage it well.

Besides, the colleagues there were kind, friendly and nice. Every day I go to work, I just felt so inclusive which made me feel so lively. It was such a new experience for me as I have the chance to meet people from other countries. Although they are all from different age group, they are still very easy to communicate and make friends with.


Jiyun Ju

from Korea

I have experienced volunteering in the school for the disabled children. The school is operating “Hippotherapy”. I thought the physical activity is important to disabled children. Therefore, when I knew that Challenges Foundation is using tandem bicycle for disabled children, I had interest and wanted to know about how is going on.

I was usually in charge of posting some posters or video on Instagram and Facebook. Also I worked with other volunteers to learn teamwork and leadership. I experienced to learn how to teach disabled children when I went to school. Volunteering experience was so valuable experience for me. I can have an opportunity to rethink about the meaning of volunteering, teamwork, and leadership. If I have an opportunity to work in NGO again, I can work more professionally as I improved myself in this NGO. Furthermore, I met precious friends in here. I cannot forget the memory in here forever.


Maria Christina

from Indonesia

At first I wanted to fill my holiday time with something meaningful. So finally I tried to find an opportunity by applying as an aiesec global volunteer. Then I decided to apply for cycle for change with challenges foundation. Equality and justice are important things for others. Many people ignore people with disabilities. So that’s an opportunity for me to create an inclusive situation.

This project increased my leadership skills and I more understood what people with disabilities felt by trying to used wheelchair and blindfold. My knowledge and awareness about this issues got deeply. Thank you Challenges Foundation and Mrs. Mary Chan!


Siti Rahmahwati. A

from Indonesia

I wanted to develop myself, especially in another country I want to learn different thing. I love kids. As my majoring, English education department, I want to learn how to handle the children, especially children with disabilities and help them for themselves. I never teach and interact children with disabilities and I think its good opportunity for me to join with challenges Foundation which can also give me knowledge about how to handle some projects there.

I have a lot of experiences, except how to handle children with disabilities. It was not only children but also adult with disability, even they teach us how to use wheelchair. I feel blessed from what i have now. I have many lessons from the activities what we already done in this challenges Foundation.  I got experience about how to make plan for activities, how to handle the situation. Learn about physical assessment. Meet nice people from other countries to reach same goals. And also experience life day by day that’s unexpected.


Jungyeong Lee

from Korea

In Korea, all young men must go to the army. Me too. I wanted to do something worthwhile before I went to the army. I got to know the Challenges Foundation through AIESEC, a club of international college students, and I wanted to help find out what I can do here.

I got the opportunity to look closer at how people with disabilities live and I was able to help a little with the development of a website that I was in charged and could do.